Friday, September 22, 2006

Local Job Search

My husband has been looking for decent work for months now. He does have a job - in fact, he currently has two. However, with the demands of family life, he really needs one good paying, full-time job that will pay the bills and leave a little left over to enjoy life with our family. My husband is also very busy. He the Merchandising Rep for a variety of products and he assembles and stocks the shelves with his products in many home renovation stores throughout the city. With his busy schedule, he doesn't have much time left over for conducting a local job search. We've found that it works well, if I take the time to collect together local job opportunities that may interest him, and then he takes it from there. I have found several helpful resources that come in handy for our local job search. In addition to watching the Careers and Help Wanted sections of our local newspaper, I also visit several websites that update their job postings on a daily basis. The best sources have turned out to be one government job listing site as well as, Workopolis and Monster. I visit all three job sites on a regular, often daily, basis. In the process of carrying out our local job search, I am able to keep informed about what companies are hiring, and I've been able to assist friends in finding work as well. From time to time, I will also assist people with updating and formatting their resumes. It's surprising how difficult this proves to be for some people, and yet, a well-written, decently formatted resume, is absolutely essential for success when carrying out a local job search. Many times, when I offer to help somebody, I will be handed pages and pages of ramblings about intricate details of each and every job. Just reading through the information is exhausting. It takes a great degree of diplomacy and tact to explain the need for accuracy and conciseness, as I pare these resumes down to a mere page or two. However, it's something that must be done. A overly verbose or rambling resume can be a major impediment to the success of a local job search. So too, many people neglect to take the time to proofread their resumes leaving glaring errors for potential employers to discover, resulting in their resumes and applications been dumped in the reject pile. Even with a good knowledge of where to look for work, and knowing how to present oneself in a resume, doesn't always make for a successful local job search. My husband continues in his own local job search with my assistance - hopefully one of these days something worthwhile will pan out.


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